Sunday, June 18, 2006

Camp Kigali

Camp Kigali is the military compound in which 10 Belgians soldiers were killed on April 7, 1994, the day after the genocide began. The size and amount of holes that the mortar shells and grenades had left behind were strikingly great. The building around which the soldiers were murdered has been turned into a museum and memorial (1st pic).

The Rwandan army first tortured the soldiers inside of the building. You can still see the holes left by the grenades thrown at the Belgians (3rd pic). Afterwards, the soldiers were taken outside the building and shot to death. Those holes still remain as well (2nd pic). Inside the building, there are pictures of the soldiers and messages left by their families who came to visit their memorial sites in 1993. I hadn't realized that the Belgian families not only blamed the genocide's perpetrators such as Colonel Bagosora, but also the UN commander General Dallaire who according to them, should have acted responsibly and saved the Belgian soldiers.


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